Zoos & Aquariums in Johannesburg

One of the favorite things to do as a family is to visit a zoo. To witness the wonder and amazement in the children’s’ eyes as they see an animal for the first (2nd and 3rd) time! Their faces light up and their smiles come alive as they point to each animal in excitement. You can visit Zoos and aquariums in Johannesburg and experience this wonderful moment.

Aquarium Centre

Aquarium Centre Johannesburg

We have over 200 tanks that are regularly updated with new and exotic species from around the world. We import stock from as far as Indonesia, Malaysia, and even South America. If it’s out there, and it’s legal, we can get it for you.
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Bird Gardens

Bird Gardens Johannesburg

For great family entertainment in Johannesburg, come and experience the wonder of the Montecasino Bird Gardens. In our walk-through Aviary, you'll find over 60 species of birds including Scarlet Ibises, and Nicobar pigeons, reptiles and small mammals, with smaller antelope wandering freely in the undergrowth
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Johannesburg Zoo

Johannesburg Zoo Johannesburg

The Joburg Zoo is one of the most popular local and tourist attractions situated in the leafy northern suburb of Johannesburg. The Zoo covers 54.7 hectares of land and was founded in 1904, as a piece of land donated to the public for recreational use by the firm of the late Hermann Ekstein.
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