| Suspect arrested after Gauteng pupil stabbed at school, MEC says

Tumelo Jwili.

Tumelo Jwili.

Gauteng Department of Education

  • The Gauteng MEC for education visited the family of a pupil who was stabbed and killed in school last week.
  • Tumelo Jwili, 17, was in Grade 10 in Sebokeng when he died.
  • The MEC said that to prevent killings more needed to be done in schools where gangsterism was rife.

Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane has called on the residents of Dinokaneng to unite after the latest stabbing of a high school pupil.

Chiloane visited the school in Sebokeng, Vanderbijlpark, on Monday.

He also visited the family of 17-year-old Tumelo Jwili, the Grade 10 pupil who was killed last Thursday. The MEC said a suspect was arrested, allegedly confessed to the killing, and explained how the incident occurred. 

He said the suspect apparently went to assist his friend after an altercation with Jwili the previous day.

“The information we have is that he will confess to being the one who stabbed the child.”

Jwili died at Sebokeng Hospital that day.

“We are concerned about the spate of stabbings [in Gauteng schools].

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“I’m calling on the community [to assist]. These incidents are happening because of what is happening in the communities.”

He said the department has realised the need to improve safety and security in communities rife with gangsterism because “this gangsterism filters into schools”.

“There is a need to communicate and report [incidents before they turn fatal]. We know the learners who are involved with gangsterism and drugs in schools and they must be reported early so something can be done.”

Chiloane said this violence was not rife in all schools but in areas where gangsterism was an issue. He said the hotspots were obvious.

The MEC mentioned Westbury where at least nine people were shot – with one killed – since Saturday. 

He said there was an improvement in areas where residents intervened.

Gauteng MEC for education, Matome Chiloane visited

Gauteng MEC for education, Matome Chiloane visited the family of student Tumelo Jwili who was stabbed to death last week.

Gauteng Department of Education

Chiloane mentioned Duduza on the East Rand where he said local leaders, councillors and community policing forums (CPF) visited schools.

“Searching learners they found dangerous weapons – even a firearm, knives and machetes.

“This shows the situation… Our children are vulnerable and can easily be coerced into wrong things. So, I’m happy about the work being done there.”

Chiloane said that on Wednesday, the day before Jwili was killed, a Grade 11 pupil from the same school was stabbed. That pupil is in ICU.  

“They were playing [on the sports field] when there was some altercation and there was a stabbing but there’s not much detail. We are in trouble, and we need to do more.”

The MEC said there was a budget to assist with safety in schools and there was going to be a roll out of 6 000 “peace patrollers”.

“We’re looking forward to panic buttons [being distributed in schools] and tech and we’re looking forward to CCTVs in the public sector … I know schools are high on the agenda,” he said.

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