Local artist releases debut album

Riaan Scholtz, aka Mr. Heinz CPT.PHOTO: Illrow

Riaan Scholtz, aka Mr. Heinz CPT.PHOTO: Illrow

Nothing is impossible.

That is the message from local artist Riaan Scholtz, aka Mr. Heinz CPT, with the release of his new album The Republic of Ghamstad.

Released at the end of March, this is his first album.

Having been working in the industry for around a decade, he felt the need to produce the album after surviving the pandemic and its impact on the music industry.

It took several months during lockdown to complete and thanks to his relationship with Y?Gen and YoungstaCPT, the album was recorded at their studios.

“I always wanted to release a full body of work. I have been in the industry for a few years and the fact that a laaitiefrom Lavis can do it shows that nothing can make it impossible, not even your past. You can do it,” he says.

In his career thus far he has shared the stage with the likes of YoungstaCPT, Bravoleroux, KashCPT, Tembi, Powers, Biggy, Cream Machine and many more.

He has also had tracks played on local and national radio stations.

“I am basically busy with my next project, however, I did some features for artists around Cape Town and Johannesburg that is about to drop soon,” he says.

The Republic of Ghamstad has 12 tracks and was produced by award-winning producer Shaney Jay and engineered by the highly esteemed producer/artist illRow.

The tracks feature Dee Koala, KashCPT, Early B, Chad Da Don, YoungstaCPT, Bravo Le Roux and Cream Machine.

The album is available on all digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

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