Financing Gas infrastructure for Africa

Energy experts have called for the funding of finance gas infrastructure for Africa at a summit convened to encourage the development and financing of sustainable and green natural resource and energy projects in Africa.

The experts make the call at at the Nigeria-Africa Natural Resource & Energy Summit in Abuja, Nigeria.

The summit also focuses on exploring natural gas projects, which emit significantly lower carbon emissions that may power industries in Africa, and green metal mining projects that produce raw materials to power a greener world.

With the world focused on phasing out the usage of fossil fuels, the forum was convened to encourage the development and financing of sustainable and green natural resource projects in Africa.

According to the Nigeria Minister of Mines and steel development, Olamilekan Adegbite,the continent has to accept the reality especially where a lot of people do not have access to energy, adding that Africa needs to use the gas they have.

“A lot of these developed countries are telling us to do this do that. In a country where energy penetration is 90, 95 and 100%, you can afford to do that but in a place like Africa where over 60% of its population do not have access to energy, to grid power, you need to explore all possibilities including gas.”

Energy expert and chairman, African Energy Chamber, NJ Ayuk, says Africa needs to create a big sustainable movement around providing energy for everyday people.

“So there is a whole supply chain and we get to benefit from that and that is really what we need not trying to tell everybody to go work on the Rig or oil field. We create opportunities and I think the debate has to be different because when you create that opportunity, you trust young Africans to unleash their potentials and really mean that they can do it if given that opportunity “

With the world focused on discovering and utilising clean sources of energy in order to cut down carbon emissions to protect the world from further climate change, this summit was initiated to discover solutions, exhibit technologies and products that will lead to the growth and industrialisation of Africa in a more climate friendly manner while also encouraging the development and financing of green metals vital for the energy transition globally.

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