EXCLUSIVE | These are the 10 best rare picks you could buy at SA’s mega classic car auction

• A very rare addition has been made to the Creative Rides Classic Car auction for 2 July. 
 • Creative Rides CEO Kevin Derrick shares his best picks exclusively with Wheels24.
 • More than 115 cars are going under the hammer, with more than a hundred registered bidders ready to battle.

One of the biggest classic car auctions will take place on 2 July, and there’s a rare, brand-new addition to the lot. We speak exclusively to Creative Rides’ Kevin Derrick to get the scoop on 10 of the best cars you could take home.

Kevin Derrick is the founder and CEO of Creative Rides Classic and Collectables Auctions, the largest specialist classic automotive auction company in Africa, and he”ll be heading up the star-studded event on Saturday.

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According to Derrick, hundreds of bidders from 16 countries will vie for more than 115 collector cars going under the hammer in this multi-million-rand classic car auction showcase in Johannesburg this Saturday. The event, combining a mega car auction with a classic car exhibition, is expected to draw crowds of automotive fans to Montecasino in Fourways. You can view the digital catalogue here.

“Gates open at 08:00, and we’re set to begin the auction at 11:00 (Central African Time) on Saturday. Entrance is free, and we invite classic car enthusiasts to come and experience the excitement of a mega auction for themselves.”

With such an extensive list of classic cars, we asked Kevin Derrick what he considers the ten best picks in the vast lot. Derrick exclusively shared his views with Wheels24 and explained why he has singled out these rare finds.

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“I’ve chosen these top ten cars based on four criteria, says Derrick.

“Some are highlights because of their rarity, others based on their value, and many because they’re models that will be great future investments.

“The last factor was market interest in certain classics and collectable models we’ve identified through our auction analytics in the past 18 months of approximately 250 cars.”

auction, classic car, creative rides

1984 Alfa Romeo GTV 6 3.0-litre


Kevin Derrick’s Top 10 List:

1. LOT 116: Alfa Romeo GTV 6 3.0-litre

“This car has a minimal quantity ever built; it’s scarce, and there’s a massive demand for them.”

2. LOTS 114 and 113: Alfa Romeo GTV 2.5-litre 

“These are Undervalued and also rare.”

auction, classic car, creative rides

1991 BMW 325 IS


3. LOT 115: BMW 325i

“An urban legend car. They’re as “crazy rare” as the GTV 3.0-litres.

4. LOT 115A: 1972 Ford Fairmont 351 GT XY

“This vehicle was only added to the list a few days ago. It’s rare and an extremely popular model among Australian and South African collectors.”

1972 Ford Fairmont 351 GT XY auction addition.

1972 Ford Fairmont 351 GT XY auction addition.


5. LOTS 27 and 61: BMW 2002

“A greatly undervalued vehicle, and highly on the rise.”

6. LOT 102: Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

“This car is scarce globally and even rarer to find here in South Africa,” says Derrick. It’s one of only 803 ever built worldwide and one of only 12 in SA. A unique chance to own one of the last ‘Enzo-era’ manual front-engine V12 models.

1968 Ferrari 365

1968 Ferrari 365


7. LOT 100: Dodge Charger 

“A very popular American muscle car with a strong power name that’s revered worldwide. It has a potent engine, and it’s mean to look at, which is why Chargers have featured in so many movies.”

auction, classic car, creative rides

1973 Dodge Charger


8. LOT 91: Alfa Romeo Spider 1750

“A relatively affordable Italian collector car, but prices have started jumping, and it’s a lot of fun to drive!”

9. LOTS 19 and 33: Both Fiat 500 and Fiat 600 

“These are small, affordable, insanely popular, and fun to drive.”

10. LOTS 10, 12, 32, 35, 79, 82 – Basically any MG on the market. 

“They’re all undervalued. They were never mass-produced, are still relatively affordable, and are super-fun to drive. All of which makes them extremely collectable!”

Derrick says the spectacular auction collection will be open for public viewing at Montecasino before the sale between 09:00 and 16:00 on Thursday and Friday.

For more information, visit the Creative Rides website.

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