Could partnership between universities and employers address youth unemployment? {Business Africa}

With half of its population below 19 years of age, Africa has a huge human resource potential. The continent however still grapples with high levels of youth unemployment. Could closer working relationships between education institutions and employers offer a lasting solution to this challenge that gives many government leaders sleepless nights? We talk to Veda Sunassee, the Chief Executive Officer at African Leadership University, to share his experience working with employers like Netflix. 

– Lessons from Zambia’s debt restructuring deal –

The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent global financial crisis, have made it even harder for highly indebted countries to meet their debt servicing obligations. Could a landmark debt restructuring deal by Zambia offer a blueprint for other highly indebted countries that are desperate for financing to facilitate economic recovery.

– How can Africa attract more sustainable investment? –

At 3.7%, Africa is the second fastest growing in the world, just behind the Asian countries. And yet, the continent does not attract sufficient investment to achieve its development goals. The latest edition of the report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in partnership with the African Union Commission highlights several ways in which African governments and their partners can improve investor confidence and accelerate sustainable investments on the continent.

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